Apparently complex problems can have very simple solutions
General Manager
Cecilio Regojo
With more than 40 years of business experience, he has held several positions of responsibility in companies of multiple sectors and areas of activity. His experience as a businessman, together with his experience as business consultant dealing with a number of companies in many countries, has provided him with a broad understanding of organizations and companies. 
He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University (Lisbon) and has several pos-graduated degrees in Business Administration, among others. 
He was trained on Organizational Constellations with the best specialists in this area (Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Jan Jacob Stam, Matthias Varga von Kibèd, Insa Sparrer, Jane Peterson, Jakob & Sieglinde Schneider, Albrecht Mahr, Judith Hemming, Christine Essen, Guni-Leila Baxa, Michael Blumenstein, Dagmar Ingwersen, Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, Georg Senoner, Lorenz Wiest, Franz Ruppert, Stephan Hausner, etc.). 
He is an international trainer on Organizational Constellations (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Armenia, Turkey, etc.) and he participates in International Congress as invited lecture (EUA, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, etc.).  
He is a Master Trainer Certified by INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations). 
His training courses and work can be done in the 4 languages that he speaks fluently (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French).
Gunthard Weber 
Gunthard Weber was born in Germany in 1940. Medical Psychiatrist; Therapist and Trainer of Family and Organisation Systemic Psychotherapy; Co-founder and therapeutic teacher of Institute IGST of Heidelberg, in Germany; Author of some books; he guides workshops in several countries. He is considered as the " father " of Organisational Constellations and he develops a great work in this area.
Jan Jacob Stam 
Jan Jacob Stam has worked as a management consultant in the Netherlands for the last 15 years. Previously he was a manager of a large Dutch company and a teacher for ten years. He studied biology, educational sciences and organizational sciences at the universities of Amsterdam and Groningen. He has also trained in NLP (University of Santa Cruz in California). 
Starting in 1996, Jan Jacob offers workshops on family-constellations and organizational constellations as well as training programs on family constellations and organizational constellations in the Netherlands, Croatia, and some other countries. 
Together with his wife Bibi Schreuder he founded the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute. He is author of the book “Het Verbindende Veld; Organisatieopstellingen in de praktijk” 
(The Connecting Field; Organizational Constellations at work), that is in process of translation into Portuguese. It will be publish at the end of 2005.  
Jan Jacob has attended many training programs and workshops on systemic work. He is in close contact with Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Albrecht Mahr, Jakob Schneider and many others who contributed much to the development of the systemic work.
Jane Peterson 
Jane has worked as an executive coach primarily with small to mid-sized entrepreneurs and leaders in a range of fields including manufacturing, stockbrokerage, software, religious organizations, and fire-fighting departments.   
In 2001, she founded the Human Systems Institute and has been training organizational consultants and leaders, and medical and mental health experts in a new method of facilitating change in human systems.  She teaches this yearlong training program in the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong.  In 2004 and 2006, she was on the faculty of International Organization Constellations Training Intensive held in The Netherlands. In March, 2006, she was a presenter and speaker at the 1st Asia Bert Hellinger Conference held in Taipei, Taiwan. Jane has given workshops in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China, as well as Canada. In 2005 and 2006, she was invited to present week-long workshops in Family Constellations at Esalen in California. Her workshops always contain a strong element of teaching and expanding upon the principles of this work. 
Jane was the first woman engineer hired by her division of Tektronix, Inc. in 1978.  She introduced JIT manufacturing principles to her division and held various project and new product introduction management positions, including a position as manufacturing engineering and quality manager in a start-up company within Tektronix.  In October, 2005, she sponsored and organized the first U.S. Conference in this method in Portland, Oregon USA. 
Jane is currently a doctoral student in the Fielding Graduate Institute in Human and Organizational Development.  She has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of Oregon.  In addition, Jane is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with advanced certification in Health and Wellness, and is a Certified Professional Behavioral Coach.  Jane also has extensive training in Group Dynamics and Systemic Constellation Work, a solution-focused method of quickly diagnosing and finding the best solutions to complex problems in organizations.
Georg Senoner 
Born 1953. Graduated from Univervistà Luigi Bocconi Milano in Economics and Business Administration 
20 years experience as CEO of a medium-size industrial corporation 
Management consultant and coach; specialized in organisation development and strategy development. 
Integrates Systemic Constellations Work in his consulting and training activity. 
Together with Henriette Katharina Lingg and Georg Gombos he has developed BABYLON a Method based on constellations work to improve the capability to learn foreign languages and overcome blockades.  
Together with Claude Rosselet and Henriette Katharina Lingg he has developed the concept and format of Management Constellations and is offering an intercultural training programme “Mastering Management Constellations” 
Member of Infosyon (International Forum for Systemic Constellation Work in Organizations and Working Contexts) 
Executive Partner of Metalogikon
Henriette Lingg 
Consultant, Process Guide, Coach, 
Business Administration Studies; Freelance since 1986;  Commercial and Organisation Management of a medium-sized engineering company over a period of 7 years. 
Dialog Process Guide; Large Group Processes, Additional Qualifications in Systemic Consulting and Therapy with SySt Munich (Sparrer & Varga von Kibéd). 
Trainer for Systemic Structural Constellations, Management Constellations, Dialogue and Large Group Interventions. 
Founder and president of the board of Infosyon e.v. International Forum for Systemic Constellations within Organisations and Business Contexts. 
Change Processes Consulting in organisations and with individuals, applying so-called hard and soft factors synergistically on the basis of empowerment and self-organisation.
Christine Essen 
Born in 1956. Social Worker, psychotherapist, supervisor and coach. Teacher/trainer for Systemic therapy and consultation in Austria. Co-founder of APSYS (Institute für systemic pratice, constellation - and reconstruction work). Co-editor of the book, “Verkörperungen”, Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, 2001. First encounter with family reconstruction (Virginia Satir) in 1981, with constellations (Bert Hellinger) in 1986. For the last 17 years Christine has been working with constellations in the psychotherapeutic field. For the past 10 years Christine has been working with constellations for non-profit organizations, and in the last years Christine has also been working with constellations for profit organizations. Main fields of work at the time: seminars and training in constellation work (structural constellations, process oriented constellations of families and organizations, including movements of the soul), consultation for larger helper systems.
Michael Blumenstein 
Graz (Austria) and Stuttgart (Germany) • 51 • Graduated in business economics 
Development of organizations- and software systems 
Manager for the development and IT Department of an automotive tier supplier 
Since 1985 Michael has been self-employed working in projects for developing concept for companies and organizations 
In 1987 founded the consulting company “Mensch und Organisation” in Germany 
Education in the use of Transactions Analysis, Systems Theory, Systemic Consulting and Systemic Constellation Work for requests in organizations. Designing and implementing processes for organizational development in the automotive industry, in other industries and for social organizations 
Development of choreographies for orientation and strategy processes  
Development of a model for project organizations and implementing in the automotive and other industries 
Qualifying of managers and consultants in the method of Systemic Constellation Work 
Participation in the process of developing the method of the Systemic Constellation Work in the “International Forum for Systemic Constellation Work in Organizations and Working Contexts (INFOSYON)” 
Participation in a research study “Systemic Constellation Work as a Consulting Method for Family Businesses and the Families of Family Businesses“.  
In 2003 founded a new consulting company BLUMENSTEIN ORGANISATIONSBERATUNG in Austria and Germany.