Apparently complex problems can have very simple solutions
The practical application of the Organisational Constellations in very diversified. One possible way is trough workshops, open to businessmen, managers, executives, directors, members of staff, etc. of several companies. Some bring their questions or issues and we use representatives from the audience that do not know between themselves. 
This form is very powerful and efficient. The Client converts in an observer and, through the reactions of the representatives and the dialogue with the Facilitator; he can see where the problem is or what decision he should take in order to improve the situation of his company. 
Some clients don’t like to expose some reserved or confidential issues with people they do not know. In these cases, it is possible to use “blind” Constellations, where the information supplied to the Facilitator and to the representatives is minimum or barely void. Other alternative is to give the information only to the facilitator and nobody else knows about the question or issue. With this procedure, it is possible to protect confidentiality.  
However, more and more clients request that the work is done in an entirely individualized and personalized form. 
In this case, we use Organisational Constellations in company with several formulas, function of each company reality: it is possible to do an individualized work (systemic coaching) with the manager, director, responsible, member of the staff, with an employee, etc. But it is also possible work with all members of the team, or with these and a group of independent representatives.  
The individual work (Systemic Coaching) can be processed with plastic figures special designed for Constellations or with others objects, such as the ones that are in the office of the client (pen, pencil, short-paper, stapler, clips, keys, post-its, etc.). These pieces are set in a table and they change positions function of the dialogue between the Client and the Facilitator.
For systemic coaching it is also possible to use cards or papers that represent the different elements of the system (anchors). The client position them in the room, in a place that he feels is the adequate and, with the orientation of the Facilitator, he will experience each position, moving from one to another place. The Facilitator drives the client in such a process that the Client gets new ideas in order to resolve and clear his issue. 
The great advantage of systemic coaching is that there is no need for many sessions, most of the times, one is enough. A second session can be done after three months or before, in the case that some substantial change occurs in relation with the initial context or if it is another issue. 
This methodology can also be used as “group coaching” and for “team building”, normally with great results: the relations between everybody (employed and administrative) improve, it is possible to create a new team spirit, professional relations are easier, etc.  
In these cases, we do a lot of systemic exercises for the group, although it is possible to make some constellations, especially for external subjects (clients, supplying, competition, new markets, new areas of business, etc.). 
This methodology is also very efficient for supervision in consulting companies, salesman and sales teams, professionals in contact with clients or suppliers, liberal professionals, “coaches”, etc. 
It is important to say that this methodology can be applied to any business area for much diversified problems, themes, questions or issues. Consult us and be surprised with the results.