Outubro, 2020

27Out(Out 27)09:3028(Out 28)17:00Evento Online2º Systemic Law CongressConsciousness expansion through the integration of the whole

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This year, the Congress will be “online” and will have the presence of national and international speakers, expanding this movement even further and with a voluntary contribution that will enable us to help many people in this time.

> More than 65 Brazilian commissions support this event
> There will be a drawing of books
> Certificates will be given to subscribers

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+ Fabiana Quezada
+ Leonardo Romero
+ Sami Storch
+ Enzo Carlo di Gesu
+ Fabiana Machado

+ Cecilio Fernández Regojo
“What about us, professionals?
What about us, organizations?
How can we be more effective and productive?”

+ Ana Carolina Lisboa
+ Bianca Pizzatto

+ Joan Garriga
+ Elkio Uehara
+ Eunice Schlieck
+ Maria Gorjão
+ Cristina Llaguno
+ Andressa Carvalho
+ Kassandra Carvalho
+ Fernando Cordeiro
+ Adriana Perroni


27 (Terça-feira) 09:30 - 28 (Quarta-feira) 17:00

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