Dezembro, 2020

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The year 2020 was intense, challenging and awakened in each of us the yearning to live in a better world. He also presented us with the perception that it is necessary to expand individual consciousness to reflect a more conscious collective.

“Knowledge and Practice in a Peaceful World” congress invites you to connect in a profound way with your essence and your power as an agent of peace. To humanize your personal practice, so you can live more sustainable relationships, and your professional practice, so you can find your mission in life.

Our purpose is to awaken  your essential eye and, as a human being, open your heart to the infinite possibilities to make 2021 a new life.

More than 48 experts in human development, Judiciary and Systemic Law from Brazil, South / Central / North America and Europe will be present and who, with their knowledge and practices, have been contributing to the promotion of peace.

This Congress is a beneficent event and 100% will be donated to the Institutions: Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil, AIGWS – Indigenous Association Wpyra-Swpira Group and BVH – Bolsa de Valores Humanos.


Let’s enter 2021 with the feeling of transformation and unite good energy to integrate our knowledge and practices, translating the challenges into resources and strength and co-create a world of peace!

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ILA - Instituto Luciano Alves


3 (Quinta-feira) 09:00 - 4 (Sexta-feira) 22:00