Junio, 2019

14Jun(Jun 14)18:0016(Jun 16)13:30Energetic and Emotional UnblockingInternational ProgramLisbon - Portugal

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During this Program, the participants will make a journey through all their emotions with the EMOTIONAL KIT created by the trainer Eva Mª Clemente. They will create their “Emotional Map” and learn to manage it: self-regulating some emotions, unlocking others and learning to enhance those positive emotions that help them build their lives from the well-being and in a healthy way.

In addition, they will experiment and learn to use a highly efficient Emotional Cycle to generate new habits, make effective and healthy decisions, among other utilities.

Emotional education is a challenge of our century, in which we know that by adequately managing our emotions, we respond better in difficult situations; In this way, our satisfaction in day to day life becomes the owner of our life.

“Emotions, our workhorse”
Managing those emotions that paralyze, destabilize or block us, would make our lives easier and simpler. Learning to transform them into an opportunity for growth and learning, teaches us to be better people every day, but in order to manage them we need to know, name and accept them.
Can you imagine, to manage your bank account without knowing if you have positive or negative balance? Without knowing if your account is in euros or dollars? Could you manage an unknowing account? So, could you manage your emotions without knowing them and without knowing the impact they are producing in your day to day?

Maybe it’s time to review those emotions you feel, name it, learn to manage and turn them into your potential for growth and development.

During the program, you will carry through energetic and emotional unblocking exercises, which you can put into practice immediately after completing the training.




14 – 16 June 2019


Friday, 14 June 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday, 15 June 09:30 – 20:00
Sunday, 16 June 09:30 – 13:30


António Miguel Freitasamfreitas02@gmail.com
+351 965 011 900


14 (Viernes) 18:00 - 16 (Domingo) 13:30


Lisbon - Portugal