Julho, 2020

23JulAll Day02AgoEvento OnlineSystemic Connections 2020Innovative solutions for companies and organizations

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International online meeting, where systemic teachers, consultants and coaches from different parts of the world meet to share their experience and knowledge.

This first meeting aims to show the systemic work and learn practical and innovative tools. Also, to connect the community of leaders and professionals with the different methodologies and systemic approaches, in order to find solutions to business problems in the current context: vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

– An event that seeks to gather the experiences and work of experts with a systemic approach. –




Nexa+51 974 278 507
contacto@nexa.pe | contacto@kunna.cl


Julho 23 (Quinta-feira) - Agosto 2 (Domingo)

Detalhes Evento Online

Event has already taken place!