Strefa Rozwoju - Poland


Interview with Cecilio Fernández Regojo in Warsaw about Organizational Constellations and its application in companies.

Poland, April 2016

2015-07 Correio do Povo - Brazil


“Organizational Constellations is a multidisciplinary technique derived from areas of knowledge such as psychology, engineering, cybernetics of communication, Management and theory of systems, biology (…) gaining expanded vision for seemingly complex issues quickly, simply and effectively.”

Brazil, July 2015

2014-10 Cuadernos Campo - Argentina


If in a company, we get everything done with respect, with professionals respecting their colleagues, clients and suppliers, everything would be easier.

Argentina, October 2014

2014-06 Soy Norte - Mexico


Organizational Constellations is a fast method of conflict resolution in companies and takes place in several phases, from diagnosis to resolution. It should be noted that it is not necessary to provide detailed information about the organization to the facilitator (who guides the intervention), so the confidentiality is guaranteed.

Mexico, June 2014

2014-05 Mercado de Dinero - Colombia


The Organizational Constellations respond to a new paradigm, since the system is analyzed as a whole. Reason and emotion, known and unknown are used to arrive to a solution quickly, with few elements, but with all the information that the entrepreneur owns. This amazing methodology is revolutionizing companies, there is no doubt that it is the tool of the 21st century.

Colombia, 20 May 2014

2014-05 Soy Norte - Mexico


With the premise that “the client has access to information that he already knows, but doesn´t know that he knows,” the Organizational Constellations are a methodology to identify and solve business problems through a process based on the representation of the system and it allows to visualize it and take decisions (…) The human being already has a lot of knowledge or wisdom, what we do is to awaken that information.

Mexico, May 2014

2014-02 RH Positivo - Panama


Our work is to facilitate a process to the client to have access to more information and have the possibility to scope the same reality with other eyes, allowing him to decide better and more aware of all consequences.

Panama, 4 February 2014

2013-11 Clarin - Argentina


The Systemic Constellations provide diagnostics and solutions to improve the quality of the business fabric (…) This methodology provides an immediate understanding through experimentation.

Argentina, 17 November 2013

2013-11 Parati - Argentina


The advantage of Organizational Constellations as a method is that does not focus on the individual but in the whole system, allowing unlock conflicts in an effective way and develop long-term solutions. (…) “The implementation of this method in companies accelerates processes due it allows the client to have access to information that already knows, but does not know that knows.”

Argentina, 15 November 2013

2011-08 NAMagazine - Spain


The Systemic Thinking raises an integral and dynamic view of the system, where people are part of it and are in constant change. Based on this vision, many new conflict resolution theories are born. In the organizational sphere, the Organizational Constellations (CO) is one of the first methodologies that applies this systemic vision and involves the senses and the emotions as fundamental variables of each person.

Spain, 2 August 2011

2010-09 Noticiasde Guipzkoa - Spain


Complementary to another technique of diagnosis and anomalies correction in companies, the Systemic approach brings speed and practicality, taking into consideration it is the client himself who has the best solutions and answers (…)

Spain, 12 September 2010

2010-06 Top Winner - Portugal


Fundamentally we are the “click maker” (…) To place the problem in a methodological way, helps us to see the problem and not to imagine it. That image lasts for a long time (…)

Portugal, June 2010

011-06 Terceiro Milenio - Brazil


Recent developments in this area have led to the revelation of new ways of analyzing how organizations evolve and develop successfully.

Brazil, June 2010

2010-05 Revista Viva a Vida - Portugal


The way we get older depends on us. And this is great news (…) “When we retire is not the life that ends, but it is the beginning of a new life, in many cases much better.”

Portugal, May 2010

2010-04 Revista Farmaindustria - Spain


The “Organizational Constellations” can be applied to all areas and types of business, individual matter, micro-enterprises, family businesses, etc. This methodology reveals hidden dynamics in organizations while creates spaces for reflection and change.

Spain, April 2010

2009-10 Flor de Lotus - Portugal


By small steps and interventions of the facilitator, the client is left with an idea of ​​his problem in its current state and visualizes a solution or several paths for an eventual solution. Everything is done in a fluid and intuitive way, in which the client integrates the solutions found. It is a very fast and efficient process.

Portugal, October 2009

2009-08 El Diario Economía - Mexico


“The Autonomous University of Chihuahua prepares the workshop “Organizational Configurations”, with the purpose to seeks a new methodology that it is addressed to business world problems (…)

Mexico, 31 August 2009

2009-08 El Heraldo de Chihuahua - Mexico


The workshop brings a new methodology for analysis, diagnosis and resolution of business problems (…) It is very simple and achieves very good results (…)

Mexico, 31 August 2009

2008-05 Rede 2020 - Portugal

REDE 2020

With Systemic Thinking, a new way of analyzing begins, seeking to look at the whole system.

Portugal, 6 May 2008

2008-02 Expresso - Portugal


A rational analysis can provide clues and parts of the problem, but never an overview, while the Systemic Constellations give the link lost (…) The priority is to access directly and intuitively to a non-descriptive information and mobilize all the knowledge that the user possesses, whether is rational, cognitive, intuitive or emotional.

Portugal, 2 February 2008

2008-02 Revista Market - Portugal


Through Organizational Constellations, it is possible to discover hidden dynamics of organizations and companies and it is easily to arrive to a diagnosis that facilitates the implantation of the solution. (…) “and I verify, in first person, that the results are truly impressive and positive”

Portugal, February 2008

2007-11 CincoDias - Spain


Organizational Constellations can be applied in leadership, nominations, dismissals or recruitment.

Spain, 21 November 2007

2007-04 RH Magazine - Portugal


The practical effect of this methodology is that the client is left with an image of his current situation, the possible solution and the path that he can cross. Everything is done in an intuitive and fluid way, which makes the solution to be totally integrated by the client and it will be easier to apply.

Portugal, April 2007

2007-02 OJE - Portugal


“Organizational Constellations are a three-dimensional way to explain and give an image of the question addressed. All its main elements are represented symbolically by people or objects, so the client sees their own reality. Starting from an initial image, we work in the sense of finding the main dynamics involved, seeking the balance of the system and thus find the path to the solution.”

Portugal, 9 February 2007

2006-09 Pessoal - Portugal


With this methodology, it is intended to work in an extremely simple and synthetic way, with few elements, but with all the information that the client has, whether is rational, cognitive, intuitive or emotional.  It is not considered that there are standardized themes, problems and solutions: each case is a case, each client is a client and each solution is a solution for that case and for that client, in those circumstances and in that situation.

Portugal, 1 September 2006

2006-04 Inforbanca - Portugal


Organizational Constellations allow us to build a new profile of Leadership (…) Some say that it is a question of using the right side of the brain instead the left side, using the principles of the “fields and information” from the individual and collective consciousness of the systems. But the truth is that it is a source of innovative and creative solutions.

Portugal, April 2006

2006-01 Expresso - Portugal


A new practice for conflicts resolution within companies, with the suggestive name of “Organizational Constellations” are taking their first steps in Portugal by the hand of Cecilio Regojo (Talent Manager): “I only believed in what I could see and understand. Now, I believe in what works. It is not an act of faith. There is a “transverbal” language spoken by the group that has been useful to many people.”

Portugal, 14 January 2006

2005-10 Dia D - Portugal


Cecilio is an engineer by training, a Spanish of nationality, a Portuguese by heart and became a specialist in challenging companies to solve problem with revolutionary methods.

Portugal, 31 October 2005

2005-10 Jornal Público - Portugal


A group of people connected by certain links which are made and undone, forms a system (…)

Portugal, 1 October 2005

2005-10 Exame - Portugal


The Organizational Constellations allow building a new profile of leadership, as a powerful tool for distinguish personal and organizational matter and as an elegant way of dealing with business and personal´s concerns related to each other. And gain an in-depth knowledge in sensitive areas of business.

Portugal, October 2005

2005-09 Jornal Público - Portugal


The bonds that over generations are created between related people, are integrated into structures that are necessary for us to be implant in this world.

Portugal, 24 September 2005

2005-06 Semanário Economico - Portugal


“Apparently complex cases and problems” of personal-family or professional-business idol, “may have simple solutions”, when using Systemic Therapy and the methodology of Organizational Constellations (…) We all have access to a range of strong information, that it is totally wasted because we do not understand it or do not access to it, which is possible through this methodology, with important practical effects.

Portugal, 24 June 2005

2005-05 Jornal Negócios - Portugal


Portugal receives in November, the first international training course in Organizational Constellations. This methodology enables a different vision of companies and organizations.

Portugal, 11 May 2005