In recent years, due the accelerated development of new technologies and new lines of thought, we realize the inefficiency of some methodologies, which we thought were exceptional for solving problems in companies and organizations.

This new situation makes us have a huge need to seek efficacy in simplicity, reformulating our thinking once again. Thus, new paradigms and methodologies emerge.

Our focus is Systemic Management, based on the Systemic Methodology that allows us to have an overview of the problem and discover hidden dynamics.

“complex problems
simple solutions


In the last years, its development was exponential all over the world. There emerged various schools, new currents of thought, different visions and numerous applications for several markets and public. The Coaching appeared as one of the tools that attempt to solve many of the “new” questions and provide answers to the urgent pursuit of a new approach, accompanied by many other methodologies.

The great advantage of Systemic Coaching is that not many sessions are needed, usually one is enough. A second session can be done about 3 months later or earlier if there has been a substantial change in the context that was previously dealt with or if another topic is addressed.


Individual process led by a facilitator to clarify a relatively complex situation. There are many tools that work with this technique, one of the most used are pieces specially designed for Constellations. It is also possible to work with cards that contain the concepts to work or any other object.


This methodology is an excellent option to Team-building, where you get extraordinary results: it improves labor relations (employees and managers) and creates a true team spirit.

In this case, many systemic exercises are done for the whole group, allowing to know each other better, understand the company’s system and learn how to behave in a way that makes them feel better and collaborate for the growth of the company. Often these sessions are complemented by Organizational Constellations, to analyze deeply a relevant topic.


Organizational Constellations methodology is one of the first where the system is analyzed as a whole, and where the feelings and emotions (fundamental parts of the human being) are used to arrive quickly and effectively to a solution.

It works in an extremely simple and synthetic way, with few elements but with all the information that the client has, whether in a rational, cognitive, intuitive or emotional.

This amazing methodology is revolutionizing companies and organizations; There is no doubt that it is the tool of the 21st century.

Its application is very varied and can range from the creation and merger of companies, definition of strategy, preparation of negotiations, management and evaluation of projects, family businesses, diagnosis, conflict management, decisions, coaching, team-building, brand and products launching, hiring process, among others.

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