“I want to thank you deeply for the valuable intervention in Asheville. The matter of the Corporate in XXXX, has already been resolved. A few days ago, I received the appointment of Corporate Academic Director and Educational Research.”

A.O. - EUA

“If I review this year, you go out in the first row, your job made me see what I want, what moves me, and what I need. I thank you for being transparent, good transmitter or whatever.”

R.G. - Spain

“I have done different training courses throughout my life and I can assure you that the imprint you have left inside me, I had never felt it.”

M.D - Peru

“I recognize your enormous experience that makes you be perfectly calm and available to deal with all the situations that arise. Getting to that level of work is a long way, in which the accumulated knowledge is perceived, with a total dedication to this approach.”

F.C. - Portugal

“Cecilio works from experience, knowledge, respect and simplicity, it seems he do nothing for the humility of his work, but then gives great fruits and he neither asks to be recognized. His heart is big and his work fruitful, who knows him is lucky and who works with him even more.”

M.F. - Venezuela

“Cecilio Regojo is one of the best trainers I had the opportunity to meet … excellent Constellator… simple … humble and not pretentious … essential qualities for this work …”

R.E. - Brazil

“In the last 2 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many well-known Organizational Constellators and on this occasion, I emphasize that I have seen a different style in Cecilio Regojo. He is a professional who comes from the business area, and that source makes him constellates in a very direct, clear and concise manner. I have enjoyed his ethics and customer care, his mastery and generosity in the way of doing: how to deliver and offer in a simple, direct and very precise way the information that the tool gives, in the end a very generous contribution of his competence.”

L.G. - Chile

“I want to thank you deeply, for what you have taught about Organizational Constellations. I acknowledge in you a teacher in presence, in absence, in word and in silence.”

T.R. - Costa Rica

– “Dad, how was Cecilio’s course in Santa Fe?”
– “wait … I reconcile my thoughts, and I’ll tell you:
Well, son
with Regojo
¡Um regocijo!”

R.M. - Mexico

“Cecilio is an expert, humble, responsible and has the gift of transformation and wisdom. It was an unforgettable experience.”

A.L. - Portugal

“I would like to warmly thank you for your presence during the first anniversary of the Chamber of Coaching established in 2009 (21st of September). It was a great honor for us to have you as our guest and get acquainted with your method. We feel that it was unforgettable experience that certainly, for all of us, will result in greater awareness of ourselves and system that we compose as an employees, employers and colleagues.”

M. M. - Poland

“Thanks Cecilio for the way you lead us and get us into the adventure. I had the opportunity to see you for the first time two years ago and you had already charmed me. This time you have overcome even more if it fits.”

V.G. - Dominican Republic

“Cecilio has been an example of a trainer for me, not only for his knowledge but for his way of being. And that email from you has been another lesson for me. I love the Portuguese, I have always worked with them with respect and education that I have not found anywhere else.”

B.S. - Spain

“Thank you so much for everything you give from yourself. Even when you say that all of this “is not yours” I really feel that what each one gives is the result of the choice we make to share or not, everything we have been collecting along the way. You could use the name “RECOJO” because you have built with everything you have been collecting in life.”

E.C. - Colombia

“The Training that you give is very extensive and very subtle, I would say in many imperceptible nuances but its seeds bloom in the passage of time.”

M.O. - Spain

“Cecilio Regojo is absolutely original. It is a unique opportunity to meet him and let yourself be led along the ways of unknowing with someone so sensitive and competent.
If you can, take advantage. I recommend it with enthusiasm and joy.”

S.F. - Brazil

“Seriously, I have nothing more to say than your work is not only excellent, but super professional and warm. Thank you!!!”

K.R. - Mexico

“Cecilio is today the most important consultant at world level in Systemic Coaching and Organizational Constellations”

R. A.- Spain

“While Regojo was responsible for bringing confidence to each of the participants of the group to develop themselves as facilitators, few professionals perform as naturally as he does.”

C.M. - Portugal

“Thanks, thanks!
For the days in Madrid
For the wonderful teachings
For the confidence you radiate
For the silence you create
For your presence that has contributed to raise my conscience of myself
For your facilitation that has contributed to evolve my company!!!”

A.V. - Colombia

“Your workshop was one of those workshops where I gained most per one hour of participation.”

A.K - Armenia

“I loved taking class with a splendid human being who shared many knowledge and experiences, but above all, his great capacity as a human being.”

C.M. - Mexico

“Dear Cecilio, unforgettable encounters are not necessarily those who bring us flowers … they are often those who, when they leave, leave us with the hands full of good seeds.”

A.G. - Brazil

“We closed in a masterful way, the fourth session of the” Certification in Organizational Constellations and Systemic Management “given by Cecilio Regojo. It was so much information, so much work, SO MUCH TO REALIZE… that only a master of this size can transmit.”

M.G. - Mexico

“The course was so rich and there were so many opportunities for growth and insights. It was so different from how Bert does Constellations, opening up so many possibilities of seeing things from another perspective. So many new concepts that really resonate me. Giving responsibility to the client, it feels so right now…”

H.S. - EUA

“I loved the course! I learned a lot with you … about Constellations and much more! I admire the way you can transform any question into excellent answers … “you resignify and build”. I also admire the patience and respect you work with the client in the interview.”

D.S. - Brazil