With the intention of facilitating the knowledge about the area where we work, this section presents many texts related to Organizational Constellations. You can also find some texts about Systemic Coaching, Family Constellations and Systemic Thinking, among others.

Constelaciones Organizacionales e Asesoría Sistémica
Autor: Cecilio Fernández Regojo (28 páginas)
Constelaciones en Organizaciones
Autor: Gunthard Weber (14 páginas)
Configuraciones Sistémicas en Organizaciones
Autor: David Feld (6 páginas)
La Constelación Organizacional una herramienta para entender los problemas empresariales
Autor: Mariela Svetlichich Duque (21 páginas)
Constelaciones Organizacionales
Autor: Gunthard Weber (32 páginas)
Todos podemos convertirnos en bestias horribles
Entrevista a António Damásio
Autor: Milagros Pérez Olivia  (6 páginas)
Constelações Organizacionais e Consultadoria Sistémica
Autor: Cecilio Fernández Regojo (28 páginas)
Trazendo à luz as raízes das organizações
Autor: Jan Jacob Stam (13 páginas)
Constelações Organizacionais
Autor: Gunthard Weber & Brigitte Gross (6 páginas)
Consultadoria Organizacional
Autor: Michael Blumenstein (47 páginas)
Técnica das Constelações Familiares
Autor: Jacob Schneider (28 páginas)
Dissertação de Mestrado – Seleção Pessoal: A visão dos Gestores
Autor: Luciana Niemeyer (158 páginas)
Constelações Organizacionais
Autor: Gunthard Weber (36 páginas)
Sobre a Teoria, o Conteúdo e o Método das Constelações Familiares
Autor: Jakob Schneider (19 páginas)
Dissertação de mestrado: Comunicação e Pensamento Sistêmico: Um estudo sobre “Constelações Familiares”
Autor: Vera Bassoi (126 páginas)
Organisational Constellations and Systemic Consulting
Author: Cecilio Fernández Regojo(28 pages)
A very complete article about Organisational Constellations
Author: Gunthard Weber(37 pages) | English translation by Jane Petterson and Ute Luppertz
Trauma in Organisations
Author: Jan Jacob Stam(7 pages)
Bringing Roots of Organization to Light
Author: Jan Jacob Stam(8 pages)
“The Hidden Orders in Human Relationship Systems”
Interview with Bert Hellinger about systemic work in organisations
Author: Bert Hellinger(5 pages)
How conscience works in work and organisations
Author: Jan Jacob Stam(7 pages)
Organization case study
Author: Jane Peterson & Kent Layden(6 pages)
Management Constellations (Using Constellations to solve Management Problems)
Publish in Knowing Field, June 2006
Author: Henriette Katharina Lingg(6 pages)
System Dynamics in Conflict Management – Negotiation and Mediation Constellations
Author: Eelco de Geus(4 pages)
Organizational Constellations in Individual Consulting Sessions – Emergency Solutions or a Good Solution in an Emergency?
Author: Heidi Baitinger(5 pages)
English translation by Jane Petterson and Ute Luppertz
Setting of the Inner Team: A Procedure for Personal Development, Group Coaching and Organizational Consulting
Author: Gert Metz & Werner Messerig(9 pages)
English translation by Jane Petterson and Ute Luppertz
An Exploration of Career Issues using the Systemic Structural Constellation Approach
Author: Preeti Helena(60 pages)
Appreciate What Is – Create the Future (Structural Constellations)
Author: Henriette Katharina Lingg(3 pages)
Systemic Thinking
Author: Gary Bartlett(14 pages)
The Branding Constellation | Paper 34th EMAC Conference Milan May 24 – 27, 2005
Author: Win Jurg(9 pages)
Validity of Branding Constellations | Paper 34th EMAC Conference Athens Greece, May 23-26, 2006
Author: Win Jurg(10 pages)
A Hellinger Lens for Viewing Organisational Relationships and Change
Author: Sebastian and Colette Green(14 pages)
Challenges of CO
Author: Ty Francis(4 pages)
Introduction Constellations at work
Author: Ty Francis(5 pages)
Mastering Management Constellations
Author: Ty Francis(5 pages)
Working with the field
Author: Ty Francis(7 pages)
Using figures for Family Constellations and individual consultation
Author: Jacob Schneider(11 pages)
Systemic Constellations Work in Organizations Thesis
Author: Joseph LM Roevens(185 pages)
Children’s Learning Repport
Author: Judith Hemming & others(71 pages)
An Integrated Approach to Business and Systemic Process Consulting
Author: Roswita Königswieser(27 pages)
The Leadership Phenomenon
Author: Roswita Königswieser(9 pages)
The Manager as Coach
Author: Roswita Königswieser(11 pages)
Personnel Cutbacks
Author: Roswita Königswieser(12 pages)
Attitude in Systemic Consulting
Author: Roswita Königswieser(7 pages)
Psychodrama & Systemic Work
Author: Ronald Anderson & Karen Carnabucci(15 pages)
Constellation Organisationnelles et Consultance Systémique
Auteur: Cecilio Fernández Regojo(32 pages)
Article: Evaluer le présent – concevoir l’avenir.
Constellations structurelles systémiques dans les entreprises et les institutions

Auteur: Henriette Katharina Lingg(7 pages)