Interview with Emana

BILBAO – SPAIN   April 2016   Spanish

Speaking about Organizational Constellations and the trainer´s style – a very large focus on the client

Invitation: Coaching Conference

 2016   English

Invitation for the Warsaw Coaching Congress 1-2 April 2016. Talking about Organizational Constellations and Systemic Management.

Interview by Daniela Tedesco

PORTO ALEGRE – BRAZIL   2015   Portuguese

Presentation of Organizational Constellations workshop, with the director of Talent Manager (Portugal), Cecilio Regojo, one of the most renowned Systemic Constellator in the world nowadays.

Organizational Constellations

CURITIBA – BRAZIL   2015    Portuguese

An Organizational Constellator approaches the method of Constellations and its applications in companies and organizations.

Interview – Revista Soy Norte

DURANGO – MEXICO   2013  Spanish

Interview on Organizational Constellations and its main challenges with Cecilio Fernández Regojo – by “Soy Norte Durango” and “Soy Norte Sinaloa” magazine.

Pioneer in Systemic Coaching

LEÓN – MEXICO   2014   Spanish

Interview with Cecilio Regojo (Portugal), by Gabriel De Velasco, in León – Mexico.

TVL “Treine o seu Negócio”

LISBON – PORTUGAL   2014   Portuguese

Interview on a new and innovative methodology. Very interesting concepts are shared about business and organizational systems.

Acapulco Congress

ACAPULCO – MEXICO   2014  Spanish

Interview with Cecilio Fernández Regojo for Acapulco Congress, held on 19 to 24 October 2014.

Cecilio Regojo in Bogotá

BOGOTÁ – COLOMBIA   2013   Spanish

Interview on Organizational Constellations and Systemic Management during an International Certification.

Presentation – Cecilio Regojo

PALMA DE MAIORCA – SPAIN   2013   Spanish

Conference at College of Psychologists. Topics covered: Organizational Constellations, Systemic Coaching and Systemic Management.

Interview for the congress “Explain the Unexplainable” in Acapulco

Skype   2013   Spanish

Cecilio Fernández Regojo Explains the philosophy of the Organizational.

Organizational Constellations by Cecilio Fernández Regojo

BILBAO – SPAIN   2014   Spanish

Cecilio Regojo shares his vision of what constellations are and what they can bring to our perspective of organizations.


URUGUAY   2014   Spanish

IOCTI a space of encounter and exchange between world´s Constellators with Cecilio Fernández Regojo


SÃO PAULO – BRAZIL   2011   Portuguese

Opinion of the participants of the course hold by Cecilio Fernández Regojo, during the congress organized by Metaforum – Brazil.

ICF – Organizational Constellations Conference

WARSAW – POLAND   2010   English

Conference on Systemic Coaching & Organizational Constellations at ICF Poland in Warsaw, with the top coaches of Poland.

Cecilio Fernández Regojo in Warsaw

WARSAW – POLAND   2010   English

Cecilio Fernández Regojo during an Organizational Constellations workshop in Warsaw, for a large group of leading companies in Poland.

Interview – Radio TSF

LISBON – PORTUGAL   2009   Portuguese

Interview to Cecilio Fernández Regojo on Organizational Constellations made by João Paulo Meneses. An interesting conversation of more than one hour, in one of the most heard programs of the Portuguese Radio.