Talent Manager offers several types of training, with the purpose of offering a program as suitable as possible to the various interested profiles.

International Certification


Intensive Training






Considered one of the best International Certifications in this area (18 days divided into two or more modules), it is certified by Infosyon, Talent Manager, Lda and Systemic Management, Inc. In some countries, it is also certified by Universities and other entities. All professionals certified by us will be listed on our website and will obtain a quality seal to use in promotional materials of their activities.

This course has as main objectives:

  • Integrate and develop a new systemic vision of individuals, companies and organizations
  • Develop skills for effective and professional practice of Systemic Consulting
  • Acquire new competences for the use of Organizational Constellations methodology
  • Integrate the methodology in Coaching processes, regardless of the approach used

In sum, it is intended to train professionals with a great systemic vision, so they can effectively manage companies and organizations, as well as help the business community to develop and progress with the necessary quality and competence, facing the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Fundamentals
  • Systemic Diagnosis and Perception
  • Systemic thinking
  • Energetic and Emotional Unblock
  • Body awareness
  • How Constellations work
  • Family Business and its Dynamics
  • Systemic Exercises for Groups
  • Structured Constellations
  • Applications
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Family Constellations
  • Systemic Integration

The course is essentially practical, with simulations and real cases for a better learning and understanding of all concepts. The interactive dynamics with the participants is privileged, in order to develop their analysis, diagnosis and decision-making capacities.

The objectives and characteristics of the participants, it is considered as the motor of learning, allowing them to integrate the intellectual, cognitive, affective and emotional aspects.

During the course, the participants have a permanent active role that gives them the possibility to experiment (lead / facilitate simple or more complex Constellations and Systemic Coaching processes) with the supervision of the trainer and to deepen the basic principles of Systemic work theory.

For those responsible for this course is clearly assumed the transversality of this methodology, so it is important to always keep in mind and deepen the analysis of practical cases and real situations.

Although the focus of the course is Systemic Management and Organizational Constellations methodology, other complementary areas will also be developed with international trainer experts, for the perfect integration of the associated basic concepts.

This course is specifically addressed to people who have experience working with companies and organizations and in their field of development, such as owners, managers, shareholders, senior and middle managers, consultants, human resources managers, trainers, coaches, facilitators, etc.

It is also open to the participation of professionals from other areas of activity, such as psychologists, therapists, systemic family constellation professionals and anyone interested in personal and/or organizational development and in new and innovative methodologies. Thus, it will enrich the group of participants, promoting the exchange of experiences and fostering a solid fusion of knowledge.

This course is certified and conforms to all the quality standards of an Advanced Training in the field of Systemic Constellations in Organizations by INFOSYON.
For more details www.infosyon.com

It is also certified by Talent Manager (Portugal and Spain), Systemic Management (Panama), Universities and by other entities of each country where Certifications are held.

The Participants who complete the Certification fulfilling all the academic requirements, will have the right to use a numbered quality seal, which accredits the Training given by Cecilio Fernández Regojo. This seal may be used in all documentation, brochures or advertising material of each Certified Professional. In the web of Talent Manager / Cecilio Fernández Regojo will appear the list of Certified Facilitators (more than 400 until now) with their contacts, as a guarantee of the exceptional Training they have received.


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It is an Intensive Training (7 days), certified by Talent Manager, Lda and Systemic Management, Inc. with the intention of providing a good introduction to the Organizational Constellations and many practical tools for consultants, executives, Coaches and many others.

The main objective of this training is to ensure that all those working in the field of business and organizational development can gain a clear understanding of how to use this Systemic perspective to promote effective change in organizations.

  • Develop a broader vision of how to achieve a phenomenological systemic approach in an organizational development
  • Develop a large awareness and sensitivity to systemic questions in companies.
  • Apply the tools of systemic approach in organizations and in personal and professional life.
  • Expand knowledge and skills of Management and Consulting.
  • Deepen the Perception of the Systemic Paradigm
  • Learning new structures, applications and models of Constellations
  • Have a deeper understanding of patterns and multi-layer themes in business

The Training is structured in 6 intense days, so the maximum time available is used.

The structure of the Course has been defined and designed based on the international experience of the Trainer to obtain the highest levels of quality, preparing professionals aware of the use of this methodology / technique / art.

  • Fundamentals
  • Systemic Diagnosis and Perception
  • Systemic thinking
  • How Systemic Constellations work
  • Systemic Coaching and individual work
  • Applications of Organizational Constellations
  • Attitude of the Facilitator / Consultant
  • Systemic Integration and Supervision

The course is open to professionals from all areas of business.  Thus, the group of participants is enriched, enhancing the exchange of experiences and creating a synergy to flow knowledge and experiences.

It is advisable to have some prior knowledge of systemic work (participation in workshops on family and / or organizational constellations, had read books and articles on this subject, etc.). Other experiences can also be very useful for a better understanding.


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Organizational Constellations Workshops with various themes (“Money and Business”, “Complex Problems, Simple Solutions”, “Transforming Conflict into Opportunity”, etc.). They can have a duration of 1, 2 or 3 days and can be adapted to the needs and desires of the client.

Entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and professionals are increasingly curious about the solutions found with Organizational Constellations and Systemic thinking. We want to offer you this powerful tool of the 21st Century.

Problems apparently complex can have very simple solutions when using Systemic Thinking and Organizational Constellations. It is a new methodology for analysis, diagnosis and problem-solving in companies, organizations and for individuals in their professional dynamics. It applies practically to all business areas, obtaining surprising solutions quickly and efficiently.

In these workshops, it´s presented the methodology of Organizational Constellations and its application in different business areas.  It will be explained the theory with many practical cases and carry out demonstrations with participants’ cases and practical exercises, so everyone can feel the systemic principles.
Also, it will be showed different types of constellations and how they can be used in companies or personally. We will make known a new way of looking at companies and organizations.

To all people with experience in leadership and development of organizations and companies, business owners, managers, employees, consultants, human resources managers, etc. And for all those interested in business / personal dynamics.

An overview on systemic matter:

  • A very powerful tool to differentiate personal and business matters
  • An elegant way of dealing with related business and personal issues
  • Profound knowledge in sensitive business areas
  • Paths to build a better leadership profile, with authority and maturity
  • New perspectives that can not only be analyzed with the left brain
  • Directives for solve conflicts and making good business decisions
  • Differentiation between family and business problems in family businesses
  • Essential tool for Human Resources Managers
  • Excellent methodology to apply in individual interviews and to lead groups
  • Have a high understanding of how Organizational Constellations can reveal hidden dynamics in companies and organizations
  • Basic principles of the systemic work and the “field of information” of the individual and collective consciousness of the systems
  • Return home more aware and full of new ideas of how to use systemic work in your professional life
  • Strategy definition
  • Verification of the Company´s structure coherence negotiations preparation
  • Integration after merger or acquisition of a company
  • Project Management
  • Dynamics in Family Companies
  • Test projects or the constitution of a new Company
  • Operating diagnostics
  • Conflict management
  • Analyze the constitution of a new company
  • Answer personal questions like “Should I stay or leave?” Should I work as a Freelancer or be employed?
  • Clarify your position in the organization or company
  • Analyze decision-making process in all areas of the business
  • As a research method in non-functional business structures
  • Notice the “interactive” systemic effects in the different departments of a company
  • Test the effectiveness of important steps or changes in a company
  • Testing different “cold” possibilities: “Should I do this, or that, or maybe something else?”
  • As a monitoring tool for Coaches or Consultants


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