Agosto, 2021

04Ago(Ago 4)17:0005(Ago 5)23:00Evento OnlineWORKSHOP: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT / MONEYSystemic Integration

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Many companies and also many individuals focus too much on financial results and sometimes lose sight of a sustainable strategy for the future. It is necessary to understand what money is, what it means and understand that it is not the objective, but simply the result of effective management.

When we understand the origin of money and the patterns of our family system in relation to money, we can already look at it differently and let it flow naturally.

Certainly this is the workshop that will give you light about money, its hidden dynamics and how you can manage it as something natural, fluid and healthy.

Take this opportunity to:

+ Broaden your vision to what concerns you and doesn’t allow money to flow in your business, your profession or your personal life
+ Find a good solution through the systemic view of Organizational Constellations

Live and online workshop with Cecilio Fernández Regojo, Master Trainer certified by INFOSYON.
Develop the systemic perspective
to help to promote real and effective changes

This workshop is part of the International Certification in Systemic Management and Organizational Constellations that accounts already with 104 participants from more than 30 countries.
Invest in your future and deep in an unforgettable experience

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Friday, 4 August 17:00 – 23:00

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4 (Quarta-feira) 17:00 - 5 (Quinta-feira) 23:00